Many of you may have experienced a Peruvian Curry but how many of you have experienced a Tibetan Massage? If the answer is only had the Curry then read on.

Pronounced “Coon- Yee” Tibetan Massage has been practiced for thousands of years in Tibet and the Himalayan region of Asia as an integral part of Tibetan Medicine.

Most people appreciate a great massage to soothe muscle pain, relieve stress, and restore from fatigue. How nurturing and therapeutic! Massage is actually one of the most ancient and elemental methods of treatment in human history. It requires no equipment or technology, beyond the application of our intuitive knowledge and our physical bodies. Although it is very simple and natural, as many of us can attest, massage is extremely effective. Even just a few minutes of massage can shift our stressful, tension-holding state into a relaxed and soothing state. It can “switch on” our natural relaxation and restoration functions, and “switch off” our stress mechanisms. An extended massage session with our experienced practitioner can simply work wonders, leaving you feeling amazing.

The Three Stages of Kunye Massage

There are three basic stages to a traditional Kunye Massage. These are: “applying oil, massaging in, wiping off.”

First, oil is generously applied to the body. For best results, we use heavy, sweet natured oils. In fact, traditionally in the mountains of Tibet, clarified (female yak) butter is used, and is believed to have fantastic therapeutic properties. We also use oils infused with various herbs. We choose which kind of oil to use based on each person’s individual constitution and symptoms, as well as factors such as the season, local environment and other conditions.

Next, a variety of massage strokes and techniques are employed. Extra attention is paid to the hands, feet, head, and the “special points” described in the classical texts of Tibetan Medicine. Kunye Massage generally starts slow and gentle, working up to more vigorous action and deeper work on key muscles and specific points.

At the end of the session, the excess oil is wiped off. We can use a warm wet towel for this, however the traditional way is to scrub the skin with dry chickpea flour. This opens the pores, absorbs excess oil leaving just the right amount in the skin. The result is hydrated, nourished skin and a radiant complexion.

The Benefits of Ku Nye:

Kunye is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment as well as a preventative measure against illnesses and supportive treatment in conjunction with treatments. It is an excellent way to relax and promote general health and well-being. Since ancient times in Tibet, it has been believed that Kunye aids in longevity by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs while supporting the function of the internal organs.

Kunye is excellent for the following conditions:

Neurological problems including numbness, sciatica, and paralysis Psychological and emotional imbalances including agitation, anxiety, depression, moodiness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and insomnia.

Stress related problems including migraine headaches and tension headaches; also back pain including upper, middle, and lower back
Kunye can also help with constipation, tight muscles, joints and ligaments, neck and shoulder rigidity, Poor circulation and rough and dry skin.

We at Beauty Elite offer an authentic Tibetan Massage for all our clients performed by our in house practitioner William Palmer. Next time you are with us, or if it is your first visit why not take your first step to enlightenment.


Many women for many reasons find themselves single for the first time, or maybe not the first time but for many it is daunting, there can be issues with low self-esteem and confidence.

You will hear the phrase repeatedly “Am I still attractive” most of us want to be with a partner for many reasons and loneliness can be a terrible thing.

We have found that a path to building your self esteem and confidence is to indulge yourself in a makeover, if you look in the mirror and you are no longer disappointed we consider this is the first step to being re-born again.

However the fact remains how you perceive yourself is not automatically how others perceive you, so we are not suggesting turning back the years is a magic bullet to attracting the opposite, or in some cases same sex, what we are saying is our suggestions are to help you feel better about yourself, no more no less.

We know that some women think there life is over when they reach thirty, are you sure? We are just saying it can make you feel good taking care in your appearance, and if it is vanity so what?

There are not many of us who wouldn’t like to look young again right? We at Beauty Elite specialize in successfully turning back the years for our clients, restoring their natural beauty and turning on that smile again.

Susan Bousfield our founder has all the qualifications, skills and artistic ability to create a look that is perfect for you and totally natural, a face lift non surgical using threads, all totally safe and non intrusive, see those wrinkles and lines magically disappear, you will be amazed! Then once the canvass has been prepared Lauren our semi-permanent-make up artiste will complete the beautiful picture.

Then once the process is completed we can give you a Tai Massage so you leave us totally relaxed and happy, and maybe if you wish you will fall in love again, but only if you begin to love yourself a little more.


Yes it is now become socially acceptable and more popular than it has ever been and we at Beauty Elite are experts in its application.

Permanent makeup has been increasing in popularity around the world. It has been performed in the USA and Europe for years… a challenging experience for women prior to the last decade, because in the 20 century, tattoos of any kind had not been socially acceptable especially for women! Many women kept their permanent makeup a secret from family and friends.  Along with the acceptance of body art, the lasting beauty and wonderful convenience of permanent cosmetics has filtered its way into the lives of women everywhere who are eager to have natural, fresh-looking makeup all day, everyday, and minimal fussing with pencils, tubes and brushes.

We can thank one traditional tattoo artist who began cosmetic tattooing procedures in 1979, the late, beloved, Pati Pavlik, who is noted for being at the forefront of this movement. By 1985, about 2/3 of Pati’s tattooing work was cosmetic.  She is fondly named the “Mother of Permanent Makeup.” Thanks Pati! Since that time, she and notable others have furthered the art and science of the permanent makeup industry.


Micro-Pigmentation is in its simplest form carefully applied Natural Coloured pigments introduced into the Dermal Layer of the skin using a tiny Micro-Needle to create colour and balance, creating amazing results to enhance the eyes, brows and lips.


Eyeliner defines and increases the beauty of a woman’s natural eye. It will make the lashes appear thicker fuller, even if mascara is not worn. The semi- permanent make up colour is tattooed to both the lower and upper lash lines of the eyes creating a defined look around the eyes. Normally the eye-line will be done in two sessions i.e. Tops or bottoms on the first appointment then the second will be done a few days later. After 4 weeks, to allow the eye-line to be fully healed, and the colour fully developed, a FREE follow up appointment will be made if necessary to finely tune the make-up and reinforce the colour. The eyeliner normally will last upwards of 4 years.

To include one free re-touch after 1 month normally.


Shape and colour of a woman’s lips is another huge key facial feature to the appearance of a woman, with semi-permanent make up we will create your lips to look balanced, more vibrant, and for them to appear fuller and more sensual. Lip colour can be applied either as a liner, or on the entire lip surface

With the semi-permanent process Lip liner can serve many purposes and has many advantages like correcting imperfections of shape or symmetry. We at Beauty Elite redefine the shape of the lips to create a more desirable look. We can blend the lip liner colour to gradually match the colour of full lip, or a bolder colour can be used for the lip liner. The Lip-line normally will last upwards of 2 years.


The eyebrows are one of the most important features of a women’s face, it frames the eyes and gives the face its individual expression. We will study the shape and contours of our client’s face, their individual style, and bone- structure. We will then design the eyebrows into their most desired and flattering shape and colour possible. Clients of Beauty Elite whom have uneven eyebrows or brows that are too thin, sparse or non-existent are filled in with a natural looking hair-by-hair process, or powder effect eyebrows if desired. Depending on the strength of colour, they will normally last between 2 and 4 years.

BEAUTY ELITE PHIBROW Micro-Blading (Soft Touch)

Micro-Blading (Phibrow) is a process that has been around for some years for Eyebrows, but has recently become very popular. We use a multi –needle, normally 7, 11 or 14 points in a straight line and slanted, or curved in a hand piece holder. This is a manual method and we do not use a rotary machine. The effects are incredibly fine and give the illusion of very fine hairs which can be orientated in various directions to simulate the natural growth patterns of normal eye brows, but much NICER. This system is not suitable for everyone, but is ideal for young skin with darker eyebrows, or a fill in of patchy brows.

Due to the delicate nature of this technique we offer 2 free retouches, after 1 month and then 3 months to extend the life of the process. We recommend this process to be renewed annually.

For longer lasting results we offer a combination of Soft Touch and Multi-Needle Powder Effect.

PHIBROW EYEBROWS Special Offer 150 €

If you haven’t tried semi-permanent make up before then contact Lauren our makeup and Phibrows Artiste and she will give you a free consultation, and its painless.


We all like to look young again, well most of us do so what’s the easiest and painless way to fold back those years?

Yes we can work on the body have a healthy lifestyle and diet get plenty of exercise, walk the dog and stay away from the chocolate and cakes but what about the face? The lines and wrinkles the sunken cheeks and sagging jowls nature is not kind to us unless you are Chinese maybe using chopsticks helps ageing who knows?

There is an answer for us girls though, Dermal Fillers yes if you want to look young again this is one of the main treatment’s that can get you there, and these are the benefits.

Dermal fillers can be used to fix a variety of concerns related to facial aging, including:

  • Adding volume and smoothing out the deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth (called nasolabial folds or laugh lines).
  • Plumping thin lips and smoothing out vertical lines around the edges of the lips.
  • Augmenting cheeks to enhance their shape, often restoring youthful fullness.
  • Filling out depressions (hollows) under the eye area.
  • Making indented scars from acne or chicken pox more even with surrounding skin.
  • Increasing volume to fill out gauntness in the lower cheek or temple area, which most often occurs due to fat pads shifting beneath the surface of skin.

I am a big fan of Dermal Fillers I have seen clients of Beauty Elite leave the salon happy and looking 10-15 years younger and more, and used in conjunction with PDO Threads your look will have the perfect natural balance so no one will know you have received these Beauty treatments except maybe your close friends and family.

There is of course other benefits you will experience, many of our clients say they have a new found confidence, they feel better about themselves they don’t just look younger, they feel younger. Also when they go shopping they choose younger outfits and take much more care of their overall appearance, and also makeup.

Now lets talk about makeup for a minute have you considered Semi-Permanent Makeup if not you should? Just imagine girls what it would be like to have the perfect glamorous look in half the time it normally takes you to apply your lippy. You can have perfect eyebrows, perfect lips, eye liner all you need is foundation, a touch of blusher and your done, lovely!

In our next blog we will explain the process of Semi-Permanent Makeup and especially our Phibrow treatment, which we give you the most natural looking and sexy eyebrows with many shades of colour to choose from.

We have clients that are over seventy in some case eighty and after having our treatments they could feature in Vogue magazine come and see us and lets chat about what we can do for you, its never to late.


Ah the beautiful woman. We all love to look at her, talk about her, wonder about her. She’s got it all, right? The great job, beautiful friends, a date every night, men falling over themselves to be noticed and doors being opened for her both literally and figuratively.

Okay, let’s face it. When we meet someone new a first impression is first about looks; only later do things such as personality, brains and character start to take on meaning. The key to perceived beauty is the face

Well that’s what many people think so lets take care of the face and the way we look that’s a good start, we can’t change a personality but we at Beauty Elite can make you aesthetically beautiful and help you feel even much better about yourself.

As we age those dreaded wrinkles start to appear and the jowls start to sag, now many of you will use facial cosmetic products from many known brands to try and tighten the skin, and use moisturizers to help keep the skin in good condition but there is a limit to what this can achieve.

But here at Beauty Elite there are no limits and the reason because Susan Bousfield our founder is an artiste she will give you the look that will factor in the word “Stunning” yes Susan produces stunning results for all our many clients and can achieve the same for you. Susan will place all the fillers and threads just in the right places giving you a naturally younger look by turning back the years in a magical way, except there is know magic involved. Its skill experience and an eye to achieve a harmonious look by balancing all the treatments so your face is not changed but enhanced, thereby your friends will still recognize you (you know what we mean). All our clients leave our salon happy proud and confident.

We at Beauty Elite are a family run salon and when you arrive you will be treated like a member of our family, you will become family and we will take care of you. Its important to know we also do men, yes, so don’t feel left out we will take care of you.

In our last blog we spoke about treatments that can rejuvenate the skin we call this the first step, now lets talk about the second step which we touched on earlier, non surgical facelift. There is no need to go under the knife and remember once you start that process unlike our treatments, which achieve the same if not better results you don’t have to keep having the operations, plus anasthetics can be risky, and there is always post-operative pain and discomfort.

Second Step

This is the latest and revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting as well as V-shaping the face. These threads are made of a material (PDO), which is similar to the threads used in dissolvable surgical stitches and are harmless. PDO will continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin. Using fine cannulas the threads are laid directly under the surface of the skin in a matrix pattern, when the cannulas are removed the threads remain there. The biocompatible threads are surrounded by collagen. When inserted into the skin, they act as a scaffold for the skin, which helps to hold the skin against the effects of gravity. This mesh of threads can also shape the face by lifting and supporting sagging structures. The threads are absorbable and therefore will be reabsorbed in 4-6 months leaving nothing behind but the skin structure of collagen created which continues to hold for another 18-24 months.

The effect is miraculous but in reality its just pure science and very affordable unlike surgical facelift procedures.

We can’t say that by us making you look more beautiful, you will make new friends and marry a prince but who knows?


The fact is that many Hollywood celebrities today use the same techniques that we offer, to help rejuvenate the skin, for example Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Angelica Houston are fans of Microdermabrasion. Yes making you look younger involves many steps, but the first step is to condition and rejuvenate your skin. Many celebrities do this simple process before a photo shoot, during the making of a movie and also believe it or not before walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

So how does Microdermabrasion work its simple we vacuum, with a specially designed hand piece, micro-fine crystals across the skin? As the crystals make contact, the layers of stratum corneum are exfoliated, and then vacuumed away with the dead skin cells. This process rejuvenates the skin in a number of ways. The combination of skin exfoliation and slight vacuum stimulates fibroblasts to produce new healthy, living cells in the basal layer of the epidermis.

The Beauty Elite Treatments are performed in a structured manner to either be part of a skin rejuvenation program or in a single treatment as an intense heavy duty cleansing, useful if you are going to the Oscars. After the treatment, recovery is afforded by a super hydrating collagen mask, and to further enhance the effect, either a second recovery mask using soothing grape products, which hold in and contain the hydrating qualities of the first mask, or a cold laser treatment which further encourages the rejuvenation process by further stimulating fibroblasts to encourage cellular renewal in the basal layers.

So when is it that us women need to have these treatments well Olays Principal Scientist Dr. Frauke Neuser says” We used to think everything was great until about age 35, when all the skin processes started to slow down at once,” “But that’s not what we found. In reality, different cell processes change at each decade, until you start seeing the cumulative effects all together.”

After analysing the genes of more than 200 women of different ethnicities over the course of two years, the study was able to pinpoint five different cell processes that slow or decline at five different landmark ages. The first process to decline is natural antioxidant production, and that happens in your 20s. “We always thought that you just need to moisturize and use sunscreen in your 20s, but this new data shows that skin is already susceptible to oxidative stressors and damage,” says Doctor Neuser. Accordingly, the best time to start using products with antioxidants such as stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea extract, and fruit acids is right around college graduation.

When your body’s metabolism starts slowing in your 30s, so, too, does the bioenergy of skin cells, which powers the creation of collagen, activates repair processes, and even helps absorb and process ingredients applied to your complexion. “When bioenergy drops, it’s like your skin is getting tired and no longer firing on all cylinders”.

Around 40, cellular “senescence” kicks in. It’s a complicated process in which the natural life cycle of skin cells is arrested, and it could affect your complexion in many ways. As you transition into menopause (average age: 51), skin barrier function weakens, which makes skin dry and unable to retain enough hydration on its own. Then, in your 60s, all the aging processes mentioned here dramatically accelerate.

Now of course by the time we colonise Mars scientists will be able to switch off the aging gene, which will be interesting as people will live longer but look 18,maybe then we will have to make people look older, otherwise things could become confusing.

In the meantime however until that happens let us take care of you, and your looks, oh and by the way our Demaroller treatment is also very effective, below is a description of how it works.

Dermaroller (including collagen mask)

The skin has a natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abrasions. Immediately after an injury occurs to the skin our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new ones. Skin needling allows for controlled induction of the skins self-repair mechanism by creating micro “injuries” in the skin, which triggers new collagen synthesis, yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring. The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. We add a further dimension by including our Mesolift products, which, now, as the skin has been made more receptive, is transported directly into the epidermis.

We look forward to meeting you soon so you can experience our little piece of Hollywood in Alfaz del Pi .


Yes we would age slower have the perfect shape and boobs to die for, however girls get your credit cards out as like a typical man he doesn’t get it.

We are not Gods but we do know how to give you that Hollywood look and we at Beauty Elite are the best in class when it comes to turning back the years, and with the correct beauty treatments miracles can happen. We know this as the founder of Beauty Elite Sue Bousfield is working miracles every day.

In the past in India Greece and Egypt the way to keep the skin in good condition was to use oils and potions in fact women in India were the most creative this way experimenting with many herbs, plant extracts, and essential oils but of course beneficial as they were there was a limit to what could be achieved. So lets zoom forward to the 21st century what can affect our skin condition and ageing, well for example, pollution, poor diet, lack of exercise and the big one stress. We know that stress plays a major factor in increasing the level of toxins in the body, which in turn can increase aging.

Today there are many alternatives to turn back the years to compensate for the lifestyles that many experience, or to enhance the looks of people who lead a balanced lifestyle.
We must also say for the record that we are here to support your wishes when it comes to how you look we are not saying if you have a few wrinkles and you are happy with the way you look that you should change anything.

We have all heard the expression about “growing old gracefully” and we also support that view.

We have touched on the aging problems that people experience today and some of the reasons why, what we haven’t touched on is the stress some people might feel when they look in the mirror. We can remove this stress yes you can look at least 10 years younger, but without invasive surgery which many are still fearful of.

The cost of surgery also may be out of reach for some people but the treatments, which collectively we can create (non surgical facelifts) are very affordable and the positive effects can be completed in a step-by-step process.

We understand that in the connected world we live in today there are many pressures to always look a million dollars and how you look has become as much about fashion as it is about beauty. However we can give you that look and the cost is not a million dollars (joking).

So visit us and we will listen to you caringly , confidentially and advise you honestly on the best way we can help you achieve your dream look.


From the copper and lead ore that the Egyptians used to create the world’s first cosmetics, makeup has been an integral part of humankind for thousands of years. Cleopatra used the bright green malachite paste of the ancient Egyptians on her lower eyelids. On her upper eyelids, she used a deep blue eye shadow with gold coloured pyrite flecks, made from ground lapis lazuli stone. It’s a fact all Egyptians of the upper classes male and female wore makeup, but not just to look amazing but also to receive the protection of the Gods Horus and Ra, but that’s enough of history lets move on.

Over the centuries, women used burnt matches to darken their eyes, great if your partner smokes, berries to stain their lips, blackberries maybe for a gothic look, and also mud to create a fake tan, who knows? Though that might not have been necessary as in the middle Ages there were no baths or showers and if you didn’t live near a river? Well you can reach your own conclusions.

Women throughout the ages have put their health at risk with many of their homemade cosmetics. In some cultures, for example, women used arsenic, lead, mercury, and even leeches to give themselves the pale appearance deemed beautiful in the old days. Do you remember the great leech crisis couldn’t get them for love or money anywhere? Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the days of using toxic mixtures to enhance our looks, and we mean a long –long way.

So lets skip the lippy, and land in the 21st century and look at how make up has moved on in the present day. Lets talk about semi-permanent make-up and you don’t have to live in Essex to benefit from this wonderful breakthrough.

If you don’t know, what semi-permanent make –up is? Its the specialist techniques used to create a kind of semi-permanent make-up are often referred to as micro-pigmentation. This procedure can simply be described as minute particles of coloured pigment being placed mechanically below the surface of the skin. The most frequently requested procedures are permanent colour to the eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner shading, lip liner and full lips/lip blend, beauty spot and freckle treatments. Although the treatment fades after approximately 2 – 4 years, some colour will remain to a greater or lesser degree. Micro- pigmentation can be compared to having a tattoo as the new pigment or colour is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin, just below the surface. You can return to work and normal activities immediately afterwards.

We at Beauty Elite offer this cosmetic treatment and we are experts in creating a look you will love, and be proud of.

We can also introduce you to our new cosmetic procedure for eyebrows using a process called micro-blading and Lauren our Fyebrows artiste is fully certificated to carry out this beauty treatment.

We look forward to your feedback and maybe we will see you soon.

Visit our New On-Line Shop

Beauty Elite can now not only make you look your best, we can also help you feel your best, we are now the exclusive supplier of Smiths Vitamins and Herbs in the area. Smiths Vitamins are recognized in Spain, Europe and the UK as the suppliers of the purest dietary supplements with high potency, as we say Stay Healthy and be Happy.

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