In our first installment Princess Sera had attended the ritual to be bathed in the Elixir of Youth to become young and beautiful again and to be made immortal.

There was a problem the pool emptied before the ritual had been completed. This meant the princess had a beautiful body but her head was not covered and her face well, uuuugh, also so to marry her King she needed to have a facial make over, but how and where?

Now we know this story is full of contradictions but one must have a certain level of artistic license, and it is just a myth!

Princess Sera was alone in her stateroom; her handmaidens had removed all the mirrors, as she could not bear to look at her face, her body was beautiful but her face (well saying it needed some work was an understatement).

What could she do? The only answer was ask for an audience with the Nuns of Nee and appeal to their wisdom, she was confident they could find a cunning plan. She called her personal handmaiden and said, “Can you ask the Nuns of Nee to grant me an audience “this was granted immediately as the mother superior had never been asked for an audience before and the nuns were very excited. In fact they were so excited they had a party, which lasted some considerable time.

It is now 4 months later and the Princess was on her way to the Kingdom of Nee to meet the mother superior. Now you would think a highly technological race would be able to travel the 2000 kms in seconds, well yes this did apply to their public transport. However the Princess because of her status had to travel the more traditional and secretive way. The traditional way as we said is a secret, which to this day has never been revealed, but putting this mystery aside the Princess arrived at the monastery of the Nuns of Nee within 2 weeks and was greeted with rapturous applause.

We know from ancient records that the Princess was taken to the Mother Superior who had in fact devised a cunning plan, a plan so cunning that it become known as the “most cunning plan ever devised in the history of the universe, and more cunning than any cunning plan that was previously considered cunning”.

Now my opinion is the Mother Superiors cunning plan was overrated but that is just my point of view, which may not be objective, plus the fact I have not experienced that many cunning plans. However lets set a test, if you think you know what the cunning plan is then please let us know, or maybe you can suggest a cunning plan of your own, but remember the plan has to be really cunning, not just as cunning as a fox but as cunning as all the foxes that ever lived, I am sure you will agree that is pretty cunning.

To be continued.

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