Maybe it started with the Kardashians the trend not to enhance your looks as you get older through facial rejuvenation but to follow the latest fashion trend, lets start with the lips.

Young women now are looking to use fillers to plump up their lips, even if their lips are perfect which they would be, the plump lips are a must. How can you possibly have the latest designer clothes and handbag without matching lips? Then you have to look at the teeth, they have to be perfect and brilliant white to add contrast to those lips resplendent in the latest bold colours, yes just chisel your perfectly healthy teeth to stubs and face them with veneers.

The problem we have now is that some young women if they don’t have what they consider to be the perfect smile, the perfect lips, they feel second class and in some cases become obsessed about their looks, they in fact creating a caricature of themselves, without realizing it.

In interestingly though I was watching a documentary on TV this week, about the disappearance of the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago and they presented a perfect reconstruction of how they looked. It was very interesting to note that their facial features were almost identical they all looked the same. Also they all had by todays new standards perfect lips (large), looks like they are starting to reappear, especially in Essex?

Yes we know there are women walking around giving the beauty industry a bad name and maybe putting women off having facial rejuvenation, you know what I mean there looks would go well with a bag of chips. However I can recommend Beauty Elite, why because they are experts in the use of fillers so they can enhance your looks, which will be natural and balanced, not looking like you have been sucking on a lollipop for most of your life!

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