Sue, Bill Lauren and all the staff at Beauty Elite would like to wish all our clients a happy and Prosperous New Year and they would also like to thank you for your support and being a member of the Beauty Elite Family.

So how are the New Year resolutions going is one of them going into the New Year with a new look, well then let us help you we have many treatments that can assist you in achieving just that.

If you are looking for a non-surgical face-lift, consider this;

As we age those dreaded wrinkles start to appear and the jowls start to sag, now many of you will use facial cosmetic products from many known brands to try and tighten the skin, and use moisturizers to help keep the skin in good condition but there is a limit to what this can achieve.

Here at Beauty Elite there are no limits and the reason because Susan Bousfield our founder is an artiste she will give you the look that will factor in the word “Stunning” yes Susan produces stunning results for all our many clients and can achieve the same for you. Susan will place all the fillers and threads just in the right places giving you a naturally younger look by turning back the years in a magical way, except there is know magic involved. Its skill experience and an eye to achieve a harmonious look by balancing all the treatments so your face is not changed but enhanced, thereby your friends will still recognize you (you know what we mean). All our clients leave our salon happy proud and confident, contact us for further details.

Beauty Elite is a family run salon and when you arrive you will be treated like a member of our family, you will become family and we will take care of you. Its important to know we also do men, yes, so don’t feel left out we will take care of you.

Why not try semi-permanent makeup, or meet Lauren our Phibrows artiste she will create the perfect natural looking eyebrows for you, and if you want to relax after the stress of Christmas the Bill our in house masseuse can give you an authentic Tibetan massage.

We look forward to seeing you soon, have a great day.

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