When considering a facelift of any kind, we suggest the key is to pay attention to what has changed in your appearance over the years.

For instance, ask yourself a series of questions:
• Do you have new jowls?
• Are your cheeks falling down creating ‘sausage lines’ around your mouth?
• Is your skin blotchy and pigmented with age spots?
• Do you have frown lines or hollowness under your eyes?
• Do you have deep grooves creating a frown around your mouth?
These changes can often be treated easily with non-surgical methods. Once you determine your goals, you can have a discussion with us to decide which procedures will suit you best.
Susan Bousfield our founder has all the qualifications, skills and artistic ability to
create a look that is perfect for you and totally natural, a face lift non surgical using threads , fillers and botox, all totally safe and non intrusive, see those wrinkles and lines magically disappear, you will be amazed! Then once the canvass has been prepared Lauren our semi-permanent-make up artiste will complete the beautiful picture.

We can also give you those perfect eyebrows through the process called Micro Blading they will look distinctive and natural. We have many clients who have agreed that the results we have achieved for them have been positively life changing and they have experienced an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

We all like to look our best but sometimes we need a little help, as a family business we will always give you best advice on how to improve your looks and treat you with kindness and care.

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