Its time to face the New Year February is nearly upon us so lets look at New Year resolutions.

So for many its will be losing those extra pound we put on over the festivities so maybe its getting back down the gym, or trying some new fancy diet but why not consider having a massage you may not lose weight but you will feel great and isn’t that what life’s all about. If you visit us you can experience a full Tibetan massage that and for a while you will forget about the pain of exercise and diets, because after a massage you will feel like you are floating on air.

Pronounced “Coon- Yee” Tibetan Massage has been practiced for thousands of years in Tibet and the Himalayan region of Asia as an integral part of Tibetan Medicine.

Most people appreciate a great massage to soothe muscle pain, relieve stress, and restore from fatigue. How nurturing and therapeutic! Massage is actually one of the most ancient and elemental methods of treatment in human history. It requires no equipment or technology, beyond the application of our intuitive knowledge and our physical bodies. Although it is very simple and natural, as many of us can attest, massage is extremely effective. Even just a few minutes of massage can shift our stressful, tension-holding state into a relaxed and soothing state. It can “switch on” our natural relaxation and restoration functions, and “switch off” our stress mechanisms. An extended massage session with our experienced practitioner can simply work wonders, leaving you feeling amazing.


The Three Stages of Kunye Massage

There are three basic stages to a traditional Kunye Massage. These are: “applying oil, massaging in, wiping off.”

First, oil is generously applied to the body. For best results, we use heavy, sweet natured oils. In fact, traditionally in the mountains of Tibet, clarified (female yak) butter is used, and is believed to have fantastic therapeutic properties. We also use oils infused with various herbs. We choose which kind of oil to use based on each person’s individual constitution and symptoms, as well as factors such as the season, local environment and other conditions.

Next, a variety of massage strokes and techniques are employed. Extra attention is paid to the hands, feet, head, and the “special points” described in the classical texts of Tibetan Medicine. Kunye Massage generally starts slow and gentle, working up to more vigorous action and deeper work on key muscles and specific points.

At the end of the session, the excess oil is wiped off. We can use a warm wet towel for this, however the traditional way is to scrub the skin with dry chickpea flour. This opens the pores, absorbs excess oil leaving just the right amount in the skin. The result is hydrated, nourished skin and a radiant complexion.


The Benefits of Ku Nye:

Kunye is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment as well as a preventative measure against illnesses and supportive treatment in conjunction with treatments. It is an excellent way to relax and promote general health and well-being. Since ancient times in Tibet, it has been believed that Kunye aids in longevity by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs while supporting the function of the internal organs.


Kunye is excellent for the following conditions:

Neurological problems including numbness, sciatica, and paralysis Psychological and emotional imbalances including agitation, anxiety, depression, moodiness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and insomnia.

Stress related problems including migraine headaches and tension headaches; also back pain including upper, middle, and lower back

Kunye can also help with constipation, tight muscles, joints and ligaments, neck and shoulder rigidity, Poor circulation and rough and dry skin.


We at Beauty Elite offer an authentic Tibetan Massage for all our clients performed by our in house practitioner William Palmer. Next time you are with us, or if it is your first visit why not take your first step to enlightenment.

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