This is the story of princess Sera and her quest for immortality and beauty

Princess Sera woke with a Start it had crept into her bed, on her home planet Zecicula 5 these pesky little arachnids (who liked a cuddle) were protected by the Homogins the mystical cult that worshipped “it that has no name” well I suppose someone has to.

Today was a special day for the Princess she had been waiting for this day for 200 years, it was the day she would be bathed in the elixir of youth, a day that would secure her marriage to her love King Xhut, the day she would become immortal. It s one thing to live for hundreds of years but is does take its toll on your looks.

There was a tap on her state-room door, yes this could lead to a joke, but lets pass on that. The door opened and her handmaidens entered to prepare her for her transformation, she had to be exfoliated from head to foot using live Bezabobs. Their name roughly translated means (We who eat dead skin until we drop) quite literally that’s what they do, they eat the dead layer of the skin and when they are full, they drop. The problem is this process can take up to 6 months, as they are slow eater’s, so a little patience is required. Yes of course there are easier ways of exfoliating but apparently using the Bezabobs is both erotic and pleasurable, and reserved for Princesses as Bezabobs only reproduce every 1000 years so they are very rare, and don’t come cheap!

Lets move ahead, 6 months have passed, Princess Sera is now entering the great hall of Xmiru where she will be bathed by the Nuns of Nee in the elixir of youth and be transformed into a young girl again, all her wrinkles will disappear like the magic it is, and she will be beautiful for ever. The thousands of courtiers applaud as she makes her appearance and cheer as Princes Sera slides gently into the rippling pool assisted by her handmaidens.

Then a blue coloured mist starts to invade the hall, the floors starts to vibrate and the pool bubbles and pops dramatically, the transformation has begun. The Nuns of Nee are chanting, the palace drummers are drumming; it is a site to behold, but then Princess Sera lets out a piecing scream, the pool is emptying, she cries, “help me”, everyone is aghast how could this be happening?

Princess Sera’s home planet was technologically far more advanced than Earth but some how they could never get to grips with the plumbing, though over many millennia they had tried, the pool was leaking. Princess Sera was now in a quandary her body had been transformed and was young again but her face, ughhhh, she ran out the Great hall in despair and disappeared back into her state room with her handmaidens close behind. Princess Sera was never going to be able to marry her King now, or was she?

To be continued,

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